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2 years ago


Continuation of the first part - sorry been a bit too long well me so, and dm head back to see our homes was very excited d ' s know the face, what happened, I could not wait until it turns to see her get fucked by this man, a little nervous about what is d too. The way that once back in our room in the bathroom I m put my hand on her dress to feel her pussy and see if it was, and she was wet, I know for a serious moment, which is so m \\ \\ s he and I have a drink, while d freash youngerbabes learns when she discovered that she has her short nightgown and looks sexy as hell is, m can not believe his luck as m goes ad, tried to kiss her and refuses to come to the to play very hard, I tell you to sit in bed and she drinks m sitting next to you youngerbabes and starts gumming her tits and I could see her nipples upright and rubbed his legs slowly begins to work her up to her pussy I saw d biting his lip, which begins to spread its lenvironmental goods youngerbabes and services and can shave her pussy, fucking nice to see the looks, youngerbabes playing with your fingers, then m is in principle, could youngerbabes go there and then it once was, as always pleased to see, they begin to kiss m hard and then slipped on the floor, and then asks if I d is fine if m licking her pussy, I said of course you can love hoilday after all, lick her pussy then m start, I'll kiss, I'll keep my dick in her mouth, but I resist the temptation.... After about 30 minutes of licking love my friend I ask, can suck cock Spanish, please, I say yes, you grab the pants to enjoy a cock 7. 8 inch larger than words, and I can see, d licked his lips and looked at me and starts to lick his cock and balls and then starts to suck cock love it. shes ready to suck his cock after she has so much in a 69 position, which was very nice to see go, then she tells me, I ask you to put the greatDick in me, then determines m stands d rub on his cock and pussy and then youngerbabes starts to slip on after a few minutes it begins to come, that there is a high, then put into it and gives hard fucking and screaming she screams and shes loving it " Spanish cock fuck fuck me mE HARD'i have shot my load at that time and not long after his Spanish loading m triggers right, I'll think again d,,,,,, , and that was it, also see a lot of experience and large still have good sex and every time I speak from experience, is still very wet and became - ----- ps Thanks for reading if one is reading this and Spanish looks good and fit and I 'm even more youngerbabes fun could arrange for d

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